Bringing you a flavor of Spain 2016 ...

Spring / Summer is upon us and during the long winter we have been busy with our new venture. Bringing you the best alfresco Spanish experience with freshly cooked Pealla.

We are fully equipped with our custom built trailer, 3m gazebo, two huge 1metre pans and ready to serve some fabulous fayre, We can also provide a smaller setup without the trailer. Serving from our floor standing tripods with dressed tables and accomplements for a more intimate event.
Viva Espana!

We are able to offer both Paella con Carne and Paella de Verduras. The first a classic chorizo and chicken dish with peppers, peas and a hint of chilli, the second a vegetarian mix of artichoke, chick pea, tomato, olives, garlic and smoked paprika. Served with lots of Lemon, an absolute must!
If you would like a seafood fayre, thats no problem.

Give us a call with your next event, fete or festival and let us bring you a flavour of Spain!